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Foot Ball Training & Fitness

Coaching Classes for Football and Fitness
Below 10 Years - Rs.1500/- Per Month
Age 10 & Above - Rs.2000/- Per Month

 ------ Weekdays Only------

 Morning Session Batch - 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM
Evening Session Batch - 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM




“MSD Turf is a state of the art Soccer /Box Cricket Synthetic grassy green turf with best pitch quality to FIFA Standards available in Tuticorin, Tamilnadu.”

Our MSD TURF inaugurated on 10th NOV 2021 and is located in KTC Nagar, Thoothukudi. MSD TURF Ground Dimensions: 26 m * 20 m ~ Approx 5600 sq.ft and Net Height: 17 ft with Lightings: 14 Nos – 200 Watts Flood Lights.

We are conducting Morning and Evening session coaching classes on weekdays only for football, box cricket and fitness at reasonable price.

Hygenic sports drinks and snacks available in Cafeteria, Washroom with shower, Hygienic RO Drinking water, Seating spaces and Parking facilities are available in our campus.

We rent the ground on minimum two hour basis. For any private events, sports competitions, birthday celebrations and other special events, We rent the ground at reasonable price.

With the right guidance, every footballer can realize their dreams and become a professional player in real life.

We are experienced in facing any challenges that may be thrown at us and we face rough enough waves, stormy weather and wind. We hope to instill in our players this unshakable fighting attitude.

By firmly pursuing our dreams, we can create opportunities for ourselves.



We strive to raise the standard of Indian training on par with state teams and leagues. We dream of the day when talent from our canyon will compete on the world stage.


We are going to look for young and passionate players who will be our focus. These are the seeds that, once sown in the fertile soil of MSD TURF, will bring us a bountiful harvest.


The principles we work on serve as a moral compass on and off the pitch. Our values ​​of respect and dedication are very important to us because they inspire us to maintain excellence. The stars are not made in the spotlight, they are made in the shadows and our values ​​are the guide. For this reason, we have adhered to a number of ground rules.

High Quality Turf

Our turf is FIFA approved & designed to embody the characteristics of a natural surface, giving players an extraordinary feeling, comfort & safety like grass with shock pads installed.

Affordable Price

Our facilities are catered to the masses, prices kept marginal for you to get the bang for your buck.

Spacious parking space

Our parking space for you, all your friends, family, guests, who else do you bring? Parking freely and conveniently.

Certified Trainers

Our coach will develop your kicking skills instantly and turn beginners into professionals

24/7 Service

Want to practice late at night for an upcoming match? Do you want to have a late night party? We deal with your problems all the time

Hygienic Toilet with Shower

Sanitation room within the yard are in perfect condition! Showers also available inside this room.

Hygienic RO Drinking Water

Turf ground can be liberal in the provision of our Aqua guard RO water. This RO treated water is used to quench your thirst.


Hygenic Health Sports Drinks and Snacks are available in our own cafeteria. Our products price range from ₹ 5.00 - ₹ 125

Seating Space

Rain or shine, our viewing experience was seamless thanks to the fact that the entire observation deck was covered with space.

Well Spacious Grassy Green Ground

MSD TURF is a well spacious grassy green qualifying FIFA standards ground measurements:
Dimensions 26 m * 20 m ~ Approx 5600 sq.ft

Fully Covered Net with Flood Lights

MSD TURF is well covered net with flood lights:
Lighting: 14 Nos – 200 Watts Flood Lights at 17 ft Height

CCTV Surveillance

MSD TURF is fully monitored under CCTV surveillance to prevent security and illegal activities inside and outside our premises.

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Be active in our Training Classes


The execution of the soccer action is the result of the movement of many joints, the coordination of many muscles, so that the action is effective, has many directions of force, and the structure is stable. That's why soccer strength training focuses on these moves.

Football is a full body sport so strength is needed for defenders, players, sprinters, jumpers and of course players who hit the ball during the game. The MSD TURF team is dedicated to teaching and practicing the sport to the point where you are comfortable with the technique and ready to play the sport professionally.

Join us today to improve your soccer skills!

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MSD Turf | Football | Box Cricket | Turf Bookings | Tuticorin

Dinesh Susiharan.M



The Owner of MSD Turf is Mr. Dinesh Susiharan B.E. He is a Sports Enthusiast, very vibrant, dynamic person  who has great passion in sports and more specifically in Football & Cricket.

He is an Engineering graduate specializing in Automobile Engineering (HITS) and has a vast experience is working in corporate for more than 8 years. He has worked in varied sectors which gives him diversified knowledge.

He is a Six Sigma Green Belt graduate which emphasis on organisation’s effectiveness and has undergone various workshops and internships at various companies in automobile sector. 

Being a perfectionist in all the endeavors he has taken up, he keeps thriving to give the best of training and playing facility to people of Thoothukudi through his well curated MSD Turf.




Coach & Manager


Represented Tamilnadu Football Team (2010)

M.S University & Tamilnadu Physical Education and Sports University (2011-2014)

All India Athletic Champion with Gold medal in High Jump (2020) 30+ Category

State Level Champion with Gold medals in 100 mts, 200 mts, High Jump (2020) 30+ Category

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Run the Show

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